07 Apr

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Website More Decent And Attractive

In a bid to attract more visitors to your website, making it more pleasing to the eye will definitely do the trick. Let’s look at 5 simple tricks you can use to make your website more decent and attractive.

1. Color scheme

Use a color that tells people that your website is professional. It is very important that the colors blend well so one does not get distracted. Note that a good color will make your website more likeable. Avoid using too many colors which tends to give the illusion of childishness or a lack of seriousness. Maintain a balance.

2. Unique font

Choose a font that makes your website unique so you can have a distinctive visual identity. The font should be readable and perfectly suit the purpose of the website. There is just something attractive about visiting a site that has a good blend of fonts and looks like it has an identity of its own.

3. The background

Settle on a background image, texture or pattern that makes your website outstanding without necessarily taking away from a person’s ability to focus on the words. If you have a food or clothing website for instance, ensure that the background communicates the purpose of what you are marketing. Make it interesting in a way that it balances well with the words on your site.

4. Use whitespace

Avoid cluttering information by using a lot of whitespace in between bits of information. Your website ends up looking more organized, cleaner and easier to understand. When a visitor can’t quickly decipher the information from your website then they will immediately close the window and look for that information elsewhere. Whitespace helps you to avoid a messy look on your site.

5. The general layout

The way you organize information on your website is very important. It should be systematic, clear, simple and precise. One should not have to look so hard for example, to find contact information or the ‘about us’ section. The general layout of the website plays a key role in ensuring that a person gets interested and actually checks out what is being communicated in the website. A well organized home page balances the words into equal and simple paragraphs, has images in the right places and clearly shows where one can click to access any other essential information they could be looking for.


Go for simplicity and precision in the designing of your website. If it makes a good impression on a visitor, you can be sure that they will be back which is what you need for good business! So be bold and unique without looking like you are trying too hard to make your website attractive and before long you will have employed one of the best SEO tactics.

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