Xen Based VPS

Six Xen VPS Plans for Your Choice

Snapshosting.com proudly introduces Xen VPS with Full Root Access and Reverse DNS Management.

* Singapore VPS Pricing Plans At One Glance - Price start as low from
PlanRAMvCPUDisk SpacePrice From (Annually)
VPS 512 512 MB 1 10 GB S$8.50

VPS 1024

1024 MB 1 20 GB S$14.00

VPS 2048

2048MB 2 60 GB S$24.00

VPS 4096

4096MB 4 100 GB S$50.00

VPS 8192

8192MB 6 160 GB S$104.00

VPS 16384

16387MB 8 240 GB S$192.90

Singapore VPS - powered with Raid10 Storage and SSD Caching

RAID 10 Storage

Our Storage is built with RAID 10 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks 1+0). RAID 10 works by striping and mirroring your data across at least multiple disks. So, even in the event of multiple hardisk failure, our storage will continue to run. Furthermore, we got dual storage unit to add-on to the resiliency.

Full Root Access

Our VPS provide Full root access giving you total control with the ability to install any software and completely customize your hosting environment. It truly is dedicated functionality without the expense.

Powered by SSD Caching

Our VPS is powered with SSD Caching, a technology that cache commonly accessed data on SSD. Due to the fact that the data read/write to SSD is on average 20x faster than to HDD, SSD caching make our VPS to run program faster with higher IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second).

Reverse DNS Management

Our VPS come with Self-Manage Reverse DNS Management (PTR) which is critical for SMTP services.

More features offered in our VPS

Besides resiliency, Singapore VPS also offers the following features:

Built on Xen-based hypervisor

Our VPS are built on Xen hypervisor, One of the fastest and most secure infrastructure virtualization solution available today.

Unmetered Bandwidth

We don’t charge extra fees for high bandwidth use. You get peace of mind knowing that you’ll never be hit with unexpected bandwidth fees that some other hosting companies charge.

Full Root Access

Manage your VPS with full root access, install and customize any software that you need to optimize your hosting experience.

Tun/TAP/Proxy Allowed

Not every hosting company allows you to install VPN  or Proxy server on their VPS. At Snapshosting.com, you can install Tun/TAP based VPN such as OpenVPN or Proxy Server (Private use only) on your VPS .

Linux Based Tempate

CentOS,Ubuntu,Debian,Fedora and Scienctific are popular Linux-based OS in Cloud community. You have a choice to run your VPS using the any of the templates provided.

IPv6 Enabled

Our VPS comes with IPv6 enabled and 1 Free IPv6 Address. Contact us if you need more IPv6.

Our VPS is hosted in Singapore Data Center

Suitable for running online services targeting to customers in Asia Pacific

Xen Hypervisor based Cloud VPS

Benefit of Xen based VPS

Our VPS is built on Xen hypervisor, the fastest and most secure infrastructure virtualization solution available today. Xen can securely execute multiple VPS on a single physical system with near native performance and has better Java Performance. Using Xen, the RAM and processor resources are completely dedicated to respective VPS.

This means if you sign up a VPS with 1024M and 2 vCPU, this 1024M and 2 vCPU resources are dedicated to your VPS. You won’t need to worry of neighbour VPS running intensive programs from affecting performance of your VPS.

Powerful VPS Control Panel

Users can start, stop, restart and manage their VPS using a very advanced web based GUI.

Users and Admins can see various sorts of Graphs in order to better manage their resources.

VPS Management
VPS Management 2

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